The Outbreak Of War

With Serbia effectively much glorified by the two Balkan Wars (1912– 13, 1913), Serbian patriots turned their consideration back to “freeing” the South Slavs of Austria-Hungary. Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević, leader of Serbia’s military insight, was additionally, under the moniker “Apis,” leader of the mystery society Union or Death, promised to the quest for this container Serbian aspiration. Trusting that the Serbs’ motivation would be served by the passing of the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand, beneficiary possible to the Austrian sovereign Franz Joseph, and discovering that the Archduke was going to visit Bosnia on a voyage through military examination, Apis plotted his death. Nikola Pašić, the Serbian head administrator and a foe of Apis, knew about the plot and cautioned its Austrian legislature, however his message was excessively carefully worded to be comprehended.

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